Rattan Basket Bag

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This Bag  is handmade from natural materials by artisans from around the world. 

Our Bag is a timeless warm weather staple, handwoven with love and amazing craftsmanship in a village in Bali. There is just something incredibly special about this bag. It adds the perfect amount of 70’s retro vibes to pretty much any outfit and is an instant head turner. This bag has been seen on the shoulders of many of my favorite fashion & travel bloggers this year, so I think it’s fair to say that this handwoven beauty is the must-have bag of the Summer!

The bag opens just enough for good visibility and access to it’s contents, without opening too much and allowing your contents to fall out.

This bag is fair trade and made in the traditional way with natural, sustainably collected ingredients.


Circumference: approx 20cm / 8 ins
Width: approx 8cm / 3 ins
Width when open: approx 20cm / 8 ins
Length of strap: approx 120cm / 47 ins